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Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes

China Shanghai Kaisen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. zertifizierungen
China Shanghai Kaisen Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. zertifizierungen
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Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes

Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes
Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes

Großes Bild :  Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes

Herkunftsort: Shanghai
Markenname: KAISEN
Zertifizierung: CE , RoHS
Modellnummer: KSDC-12004
Zahlung und Versand AGB:
Min Bestellmenge: 1 Satz
Verpackung Informationen: Holzkiste
Lieferzeit: 30 Arbeitstage
Zahlungsbedingungen: T/T, L/C
Versorgungsmaterial-Fähigkeit: 100 Sätze pro Monat

Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes

Modell: KSDC-12004 Energie: 4/5.5/7.5/11kW
Luftströmung: 4500/5500/7000/10000±500 m3/h Stromversorgung: 3x380V 50 Hz
Filterbereich: 144 m2 Filter-Material: Polyester + PTFE
Filter: 4 PCS Reinigungsmethode: Selbstreinigung
Maß: 1160×960×3600 Millimeter Gewicht: 860±20kgs

Plasma Fume Filtration System


Welding Fume Filtration System


4500m3/h Fume Filtration System

Plasma metal cutting fume filtration system


The structure of integrated design is compact and reasonable. A complete series of models have been developed to meet the different site conditions, whatever your production line is large scale welding or grinding workshop, welding center, robot welding line, plasma and laser cutting, you will find suitable model for you.



1. Large amounts of fume and dust

2. Laser, plasma and flame cutting systems

3. Multi-units welding station, grinding rooms

4. Training centres and robot welding lines

5. Workshop exhasut of Push-Pull system

6. It is avaialbe of installing outdoors

Main Features

Full-automatic cleaning system is easy to clean the dust on the surface of filter, it makes sure that the process of manufacturing is high   efficiency and continuity.

Siemens PLC smart control system is easy to be operated, it checks status of machine operating real time.

Touch screen operation supports multi-languages interface such as English, French and Russia.

The filter element is imported high quality polyester material, the surface of filter medium coated PTFE, it makes filter cartridge high filtering

precision and efficiency.

Adopting air spring device's lift to seal the dust bucket and hopper, it is easy to collect dust and move the dust bucket.

Smart control system is available of optional frequency converter and remote on/off linage device.

Technique Data

Model KSDC-12004 KSDC-12006 KSDC-12009
Inlet Air Flow 4500/5500/7000/10000±500 m3/h 9000/12000/16000±500 m3/h 18500/20000/24000±500 m3/h 
Motor Power 4/5.5/7.5/11 kW 7.5/11/15 kW 18.5/22/30 kW
Working Voltage 3x 380V/50Hz 3x 380V/50Hz 3x 380V/50Hz
Filtering Material Polyester + PTFE Polyester + PTFE Polyester + PTFE
Filtering Area 144 m² 216 m² 324 m²
Filtering Efficiency >99.9% >99.9% >99.9%
Filter Cartridge 4 PCS 6 PCS 9 PCS
Cleaning Way Automatic Cleaning Automatic Cleaning Automatic Cleaning
Compressed Air 0.5~0.6 MPa 0.5~0.6 MPa 0.5~0.6 MPa
Noise Level ≤75±5 dB ≤75±5 dB ≤75±5 dB
Dimension(WxDxH) 1160×960×3600 mm 1160×1320×3600 mm 1570×1320×3800 mm
Weight (kg) 860±20 kg 960/960/990±20 kg 1780±20 kg

Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 0Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 1Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 2

Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 3

Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 4

Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 5Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 6
Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 7Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 8Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 9Dampf-Filtrationssystem des Plasmas metallschneidendes 10

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